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    How many employees are in your office?

    A phone system is a tool that you will have in your office as long as your company is in business. Determine your growth and where you see your company in the next 4 to 5 years. Instead of using the exact number of employees currently, consider having a few extra phone now rather than having to go back and install new lines every time you hire a new employee.

    How do you want your business phone system to work for you?

    Do you have a receptionist who will answer each call for you or would you rather auto attendant assist your callers. Is the requirement of voice mail to integrate email? Would you like notification to your cell phone? Have you considered what size of voice mail you will need? Voice mail is sized by ports, and every time a person accesses voice mail, whether it’s an outside caller leaving a message or an employee checking their calls, this takes up a port. When deciding on the requirements of your phone system, review again where you see your company growing in several years ahead. Plan ahead. Have you considered the need of conference calling with your customers or vendors? Make a wish list of necessary features you want your phone system to host.

    How user friendly is my business phone system?

    How easy is it to add a new phone line, how hard is it to remove an employee from the phone system, how simple is it to add a voice mail box, to change or add a greeting? Does the phone system allow you the ability to administer changes as needed or will you require service calls for moves, adds, and changes as your company grows?

    What should you expect to spend?

    DON’T UNDER INVEST – reliable, more expandable systems tend to cost more per user upfront, but keep in mind the savings you will see in the long run will make it worthwhile? Is the system capable to add more users as your company grows? Are upgrades available with new features and technology to expand with your company’s growth plans? The system you select should not be limited.

    After you choose a telephone system – what kind of support should you expect

    First, be sure the installer and trainer are licensed authorized dealers of the product, a very important part of the warranty that you should consider before purchasing your phone system. Standard warranty is one year on parts and one year on labor, however many authorized dealers can extend a 5 year warranty to their customers. Training should be included with the installation of the product. The trainer should meet with the staff before installation, demonstrate the purchased features of the phone system and then again be on site the day of installation to give continued training and support.

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